What is the NeuroMeditation Institute?

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The NeuroMeditation Institute was​ founded by Dr. Jeff Tarrant and focuses on using Meditation combined with Brain-Based research to address a wide variety of mental health concerns. NeuroMeditation is the application of brain-based principles to meditation practices.  All meditations generally fall into one or more of five categories: Focus, Mindfulness, Open Heart, Quiet Mind, or Deep StatesWe can determine our meditative style based on the way attention is directed during our meditation, our intention during the practice, and the way the practice impacts the brain.  By understanding how you meditate, you can choose a style of practice to best match your goals.


The Focus Style of NeuroMeditation emphasizes holding attention on a single object. These practices are associated with increased activation of the frontal lobes and help to train the mind to improve a variety of cognitive functions including sustaining attention, reducing mind wandering, and improving reaction time and working memory.

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The Mindfulness Style of NeuroMeditation helps in developing a calm, non-judging awareness and the ability to distance oneself from thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.  May be particularly beneficial for stress and anxiety.  Engage in Non-judemental awareness of the present moment. Increase slow brain waves (frontal midline theta).  Experience calmness and distance from thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  A match for stress and anxiety.

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The Open Heart Style of NeuroMeditation is associated with improving focus, attention, concentration, executive brain functioning and activity, increasing cognitive functioning.  May be especially helpful for ADHD, memory problems, or cognitive decline.  Developing voluntary control of attention and cognition.  

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The Quiet Mind Style of NeuroMeditation represents the common view of meditation-that of entering a state of consciousness that is pure awareness or emptiness, with no specific thoughts or images present. 

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The Deep States Style of NeuroMeditation is helpful in relaxing defense mechanisms and integrating subconscious material.

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