EEG NeuroMeditation

EEG NeuroMeditation

Combining Meditation with NeuroFeedback to 

Individualize & Enhance Meditation for Mental Health

What is NeuroMeditation

NeuroMeditation is the method of applying brain-based knowledge and principles to the practice of meditation. At its heart, this process approaches meditation as mental training and recognizes that different styles of meditation require different types of attention, intention, and brain activation patterns. From a mental health perspective we have used this information to identify how each of the 5 neuromeditation styles may help with specific concerns.

Why use EEG 

Using EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback), we can provide the meditator with immediate feedback on their brainwave state during a meditation practice, helping to define and refine the process. Because meditation and neurofeedback are both involved in the training of mental states, these practices can be used to enhance each other as a treatment intervention for specific mental health conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

What are benefits

When used as a therapeutic intervention, we start with an intake assessment to help clarify your goals and concerns. In this way, we can individualize the process to identify which neuromeditation style(s) will help your brain become more flexible, focused, and resilient. 

What can I expect

Once we have identified goals and established a treatment plan, subsequent sessions will combine neurofeedback with meditation coaching to help you focus your attention in the specific way each meditation style requires. Typically, sessions will occur once weekly for 6-12 weeks with “homework” to reinforce the skills involved in this form of mental training. Because this is considered mental training and requires some consistency to realize any benefit, we ask that clients commit to a minimum of 6 sessions.

EEG NeuroMeditation

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